Still life realism oil painting

Thank you for stopping by to look at my work.


I'm a contemporary artist working in the realism and photorealism genres. I am primarily interested in painting visual narratives using everyday objects, which is something I feel grew out of my long career as a graphic designer and advertising art director. In that role, I enjoyed the challenge of examining the minute details of my clients’ businesses from which I would craft brand stories that connected with people at an emotional level. I have a similar approach to my work as an artist.


My artistic process begins with finding an object that intrigues me, connects with me, or piques my curiosity. I then begin placing it in context with other objects. In doing so, I develop a deeper understanding of its potential meaning in the world. I remain open to my intuition as I arrange and rearrange the objects, not knowing exactly what will feel right both from a compositional, as well as narrative point of view. The stories that emerge from the still lifes I create are often unexpected even to me.


The act of creating and then depicting the scenes with precise detail helps me gain new perspectives about the human experience and clarify how I see the world.

Sharon Harms