I was interested in making art as a child and at the age of 16, began working professionally as a graphic designer. I went on to have a distinguished 47-year career as an award-winning designer, art director and creative director – working mostly for advertising agencies. I took up painting in 2004 but while working in such a demanding creative field, I was only able to paint sporadically. In 2020, I retired from advertising and picked up my artist brushes again.

I believe I gravitated to realism, photorealism and pop-art genres because of my long career in advertising. As a designer and art director, I was often tasked with creating idealized visuals of products and perfecting brand imagery. The work involved deep immersion into sometimes binal businesses or products and designing ways to bring their brand stories to life.


I enjoyed the challenge of examining the details of my client's businesses and developing visual narratives that would have meaning for their customers and ultimately evoke an emotional response. It is that kind of focus, curiosity and goal that I bring to my work on a personal level as an artist.

My artistic process begins with finding an object that intrigues me. I try to discover its meaning to me by examining it in context with other objects. I arrange and rearrange the objects taking scores of photographs until I find an interesting composition. Finally, a story begins to emerge and I refine the elements further until I'm ready to start painting.



Asheville Arts Council, Group Show


The Parlor Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ, Group Show