Artist Statement

I paint highly realistic still lifes that are composed of disparate objects placed together to create a narrative. I approach my work like an explorer looking for meaning in the physical world through the things people interact with. As artifacts of human evolution, objects have connections to history, culture, beliefs, and subjective experience. When placed in relation to one another, objects take on symbolic meanings that allow me to examine a wide variety of subjects and ideas.

My artistic process begins with singling out an object I want to work with. One that intrigues me, connects with me or piques my curiosity. With the intention of "finding a story," I then intuitively choose other objects by placing them in context with the original object based on what seems to feel ‘right’ together. After many combinations and adjustments, I arrive at a composition that deepens, shifts or clarifies my perspective in some way. Finally, I depict the resulting scene with great detail. It is a slow process that allows my thoughts and feelings to surface with minimal outside influence. The stories that emerge are often unexpected even to me.

Ultimately, painting helps me make sense of the world around me. I hope my work is viewed as an invitation to find personal connections to the narratives and provides a mechanism for reflection.


I started working professionally as a graphic designer in 1973 at the age of 16 and went on to have a distinguished 47-year career as an award-winning Designer and Art Director – working mostly for advertising agencies. I started painting in 2004 but working professionally in a demanding creative field allowed me very little time to pursue my personal work. As a consequence, I produced only a few paintings until I retired from advertising In 2020 and began painting professionally.

My photorealistic still lifes are heavily influenced by my experience in advertising. As a designer and art director, my work involved creating idealized visuals to tell brand stories that would leave an unambiguous impression with viewers. As an artist, I create my own narratives that attempt to leave impressions that are thematic yet open to personal interpretation. The look of my paintings is the result of styling and lighting techniques that I learned from the hundreds of photoshoots I directed.



2021  ViewPoint 53 Exhibition, Cincinnati Art Club’s National Juried Art Competition, Cincinnati, OH, Exhibition Judge: John Michael Carter


2020  The Parlor Art Gallery, Prescott, AZ, Group Show

2007  Asheville Arts Council, Asheville, NC, Juried Group Show


2021  National Artistic Excellence Competition, Southwest Art Magazine, Runner Up

2021  Artists Over 60 Competition, Artist Magazine, Finalist (forthcoming in March 2022)


American Women Artists,